Dan Caputo
Certified Life Identity Coach

Get to Know Dan

Dan has a passionate servant's heart to help others thrive in their lives! With over 20 years as a healthcare professional (pharmacist), his 'laundry list' of life experiences have helped pave the way toward providing direction for others. 

Providing Clarity, Changing Mindset, and Dealing with forms of Self Sabotage are a few of the tools he will help guide you through. Be Real. Be Responsible. 

What is it that you DESIRE for your Life?  How can you become the best version of yourself? What mindset needs to be changed? Let's work on life struggles together. 

Dan doesn't have all the answers or solutions but knows where and how they can be found. 

What to Expect from Coaching with Dan

Step 1

Book a Free Introductory Call to Get Started 

Step 2

Discover what Provides Personal Direction and Work Towards Inevitable Success 

Step 3

Gain Clarity to Take One Step At a Time Towards a Life that is in Full Alignment with Who You Truly Desire to be

Options to set up a meeting in person or through a scheduled online session 

1) Call or text now: (704) 635-9383
2) Email: coach.dancaputo@gmail.com 

FREE Introductory Call
We will need about 45 minutes to see if Dan is the right "fit" as your coach.
Fee schedule can be discussed during that time.   

Take Action. Take Responsibility.
Take off the Mask and Be Real.